Impact Finance

Whether you want to invest yourself or looking for a professional support, we’ll help create a clear path toward your impact investment goals.

Investment Opportunities by Theme

Great investment themes include Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digitalization and Internet-of-Things, Future Mobility, Smart Cities, Smart Materials, Blockchain and other.
Invest in companies with best governance practices, including diversity, gender equality and social inclusion. Access to quality jobs, financial services and education.
Unique investment opportunities in healthcare and nutrition, promoting the access to good quality of life and/or making breakthrough progress in the domain.
Investment instruments focused on promoting climate change prevention or its impact mitigation.
Invest in companies that develop sustainable energy (wind, water, geothermal and other) or promote effective energy distribution.
Investments related to water sustainability include sustainable water management, sanitation and hygiene, marine resources conservation and more.

More Thematic Selections
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Clean Air, Pollution and Waste Management, Circular Economy; UN Sustainable Development Goals; Resilient Infrastructure; Sustainable Agriculture and more.

Impact Finance Ecosystem

When investing for impact, investors European investors have an increasing number of options to choose from.
Venture capital firms (VCs) have taken part in the sustainable finance change, directing investors’ funds towards sustainable assets.

Asset Managers and
Wealth Advisors​

On the Radar: Impact-Focused Asset Managers and Wealth Advisors​

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