Impact Finance Platforms

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When investing for impact, investors European investors have an increasing number of options to choose from. Crowdfunding impact platforms enable individual investors to make authentic investment decisions, with direct access to unique impact projects and local communities globally.
Experience of investing through impact platforms is often similar to that of regular P2P lending or crowdfunding platforms, with comparable financial risks involved.
Cyan Reef has shortlisted the most popular impact finance platforms in Europe.

Selected Impact Finance Platforms

Official Web Logo wdt_ID Name Full Name (Country) Short Description Official Web
11 Doen

DOEN (Netherlands)

DOEN Foundation supports initiatives committed to a green, social and creative society. There are 3 main programs with numbers of projects: Sustainable Food System (Gentelmen Farmers, InspiraFarms, Botanic Bites); Social Entrepreneurship ship and Inclusion; Culture and Media Entertainment in Lebanon and Jordan. Official Web (external)

12 Kameo

Kameo (Sweden)

Founded in 2014, Kameo is a Scandinavian platform, making it possible for real estate developers and growing companies to obtain financing directly from thousands of investors. Through crowdfunding, they also enable private individuals and companies to invest in real estate projects and companies that are not otherwise on the open market. Official Web (external)
13 EthicHub

EthicHub (Spain)

EthicHub represents an ecosystem of collaboration and mutual benefit. EthicHub is a social enterprise that connects small farmers with the financing needed to work their land and sell their crops to direct markets. The platform’s purpose is to improve these small farmers’ living standards through increased productivity and a more equitable supply chain. Official Web (external)
14 Zopa

Zopa (U.K.)

In 2005 Zopa was the first ever peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company to give people access to simpler, better-value loans and investments. Since then, they’ve helped hundreds of thousands of customers take the stress out of money by building the business on honesty, transparency and trust. In 2020, they started a new chapter and launch Zopa Bank alongside the P2P business. Official Web (external)
16 Savy

Savy (UK)

SAVY is a virtual lending platform, implementing the peer-to-peer or marketplace lending model. The platform helps Internet users who are looking to invest money to lend directly to other users who wish to borrow. The platform reduces the risk, while automating and simplifying the process. Official Web (external)
17 Traive

Traive (Brasil)

Traive facilitates loans to the agriculture industry, offering to both farmers and lenders innovative financial solutions and unique access to marketplace lending. The mission is to bridge the financial gap for the Missing Middle Farmers, so that they have more affordable, fair and timely access to the financial resources they need to prosper. Official Web (external)
18 PayFarmer

PayFarmer (Nigeria)

The platform presents an opportunity for investors to gain access to a quality asset class and achieve attractive returns in a simple and straightforward way. With a free Payfarmer account, you can have access to high profit potential properties that are available to invest in. Since farmers will have to produce 70% more food by 2050, the demand for food is skyrocketing but the availability of farmland decreasing. That’s why the platform believes that investing in agriculture is a smart choice for everyone. https://payfarmer.com/page/index
19 Thriveagric

Thrive Agric (Nigeria)

Thrive Agric is a tech-driven agricultural company with a passion about ensuring global food security. They get funds to support farmers and give returns back to investors at the end of each farming cycle. By focusing on the African market, Thrive Agric’s main aim is to make it easy for nations in Africa to produce food for themselves, by themselves, and then, for the world at large. https://www.thriveagric.com
20 Farmcrowdy

Farmcrowdy (Nigeria)

The platform usually offers a variety of investment options, from maize farms to rice, potatoes, fish, cassava, poultry, cattle after full subscription. Its farms located in Kaduna, Oyo, Ogun, Niger and Lagos states are all insured by Leadway Assurance. The Farmcrowdy food gives 10% Return on Investment (ROI) per annum with the minimum holding period of 7 months. The minimum investment is N20,000 being for the sponsorship of one farming unit. https://www.farmcrowdy.com
21 FarmFunded

FarmFunded (Nigeria)

Groupfarma is a tech driven solution to agribusiness that gives investment opportunites to people who desire to be involved in agriculture without getting their hands dirty. These investments empower farmers to produce more, create employment opportunities, reduce poverty and guarantee returns for investors. Over 7520 sponsors on Groupfarma have sponsored various farms over the past few years and it has a network of over 42000 farmers across various agricultural practices in crop and livestocks, leading to empowerment of households, increasing food productions in communities and Nigeria at large. https://farmfunded.com