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When investing for impact, investors European investors have an increasing number of options to choose from.
Venture capital firms (VCs) have taken part in the sustainable finance change, directing investors’ funds towards sustainable assets.

Selected Articles by Cyan Reef Editorial


Here’s an interesting debate. Say, I want to invest with impact, and I invest in a public corporation. But my money go to someone who sold me the shares, not to the company itself – no matter how well it will perform on the “impact” front. Riddle me this: where is impact in such investments?

In search of greenium

Although highly idealized as a concept, new research investigates whether investors are willing to trade off wealth for societal benefits.

On Greenwashing and the New EU Regulations

A typical example of corporate greenwashing would be, for instance, a global oil and gas company publishing a 450-page-long ESG report on its outstanding sustainability initiatives.

Why Are Billions of Dollars Contingent on ESG?

ESG ratings can heavily influence investor’s choices and favour some companies over others which can result in shifting billions of dollars between these companies. It is therefore important to ask the following question: are there differences between the same grade ratings?