Health and Nutrition Impact Investment Instruments

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Health-Themed Instrument Selection

All around the world, people are demanding a higher standard of living, including better healthcare, for themselves and their families. Pharmaceutical, medical, insurance and healthcare companies are finding new ways to meet this global challenge. Our Health strategy aims to identify the most attractive investment ideas in three areas: Innovation in the production of new medicines and biotech-generics; Further modernisation of equipment and services; and the Development of more effective tools and technology.
Investing in healthcare has a strong growth potential, stimulated by ageing populations, changing lifestyles, wealth effects within emerging markets as well as the power of healthcare innovation, which is constantly creating new markets. As a sector healthcare also continues to offer defensive properties during risky periods. It tends to outperform during downturns.
Want to invest in healthcare impact? The investing universe includes instruments related to quality healthcare access and health security. The investment theme commonly defines the mega-trend orientation in health-related opportunities along the three segments:
  • Preserving Health: Companies who let individuals preserve their health. This could be through enabling them to lead active lives, taking care of themselves or establish healthy Environments.
  • Restoring Health: Companies who either fully restore health or at least improve the quality of life in a meaningful way. We are looking in particular for innovative solutions to improve age-related, lifestyle related and genetic diseases.
  • Financing Health: Companies who help consumers to be protected from financial shocks due to illness and provide solutions that improve the efficiency of the healthcare system.

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