Diversity and Inclusion Investment Instruments

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Diversity-Themed Instrument Selection

Achieving gender equality is a path to better well-being for families and communities, while at the same time encouraging productivity and economic growth. Directing capital towards those companies that manage their gender balance effectively is not only a means to promote equality, but should also be a source of incremental returns over time. If your ambition lies in contributing to more fair, equitable and open society – investing in diversity and inclusion is a good way forward. Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion can help drive innovation, overcome business challenges and attract and retain top talent.  
In spite of its importance, gender equality remains under the radar for many investors, with few ESG screens incorporating it into their analysis. As a result, the ‘gender dividend’ is not fully reflected in market pricing and investment strategies. Companies that fail to take diversity and inclusion issues seriously may not fully understand the forces shaping their business in the present-day economy and the world. As transparency increases, those companies with a poor record will increasingly find themselves on the wrong side of regulation and investor sentiment.
The investing universe includes instruments with companies setting best standard in diversity and equality corporate policies: racial, gender, income. Through investing in Diversity and Inclusion, you may get exposure to the following lucrative trends:
  • Female-led companies or companies with diverse leadership
  • Immigrant-founded companies
  • Financial inclusion and SME finance
  • Leadership in governance transparency and accountability
  • Leadership in good workforce practices: equal compensation and work-life balance
  • Leadership in corporate diversity standards.

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Instruments to Invest in Diversity Impact