My Demo Portfolio

Risk profile: Moderate

Megatrends exposure

Impact allocation

Portfolio Composition





Toggle Holding Portfolio weight Value (EUR) Performance
US large cap 30% 436.20 18.76
US small cap 5% 72.70 19.77%
Developed markets large cap 20% 290.80 6.26%
Emerging markets large cap 5% 72.70 15.84%
US government bonds 17% 247.18 8%
US corporate bonds 23% 334.42 5.02%

Top 10 Holdings

Name Sector Asset Clas Performance
UNITED STATES TREASURY Government Bonds 8.60%
APPLE INC Information Technology Equity 1.70%
MICROSOFT CORP Information Technology Equity 1.49%
AMAZON COM INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 1.09%
MORGAN STANLEY Financial Services Bonds 0.66%
FACEBOOK CLASS A INC Communication Equity 0.58%
ALPHABET INC CLASS A Communication Equity 0.57%
TESLA INC Consumer Discretionary Equity 0.36%
JOHNSON & JOHNSON Health Care Equity 0.34%
NVIDIA CORP Information Technology Equity 0.32%

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Megatrend allocation

The megatrend exposure indicates how well your portfolio is aligned with relevant megatrends. Srong exposure: as much above 50% as possible.

Impact allocation

Cyan Reef creates investment strategies that maximise sustainability impact according to your preferences and values.